crafted by photobiz

How lucky I am to do what I love and love what I do! I feel I've been given the gift of having a "seeing eye". I'm just compelled to capture precious moments, be it "a day in the life of" a family, or the emotion of a special milestone. Photography is my passion, and over the past 20 years it truly has become a part of me.


I find beauty in just about anything. It's all in the little things—the glint in a child's eye...the way tall grasses are backlit by the late day sun...knowing glances exchanged by a loving couple. Soulful eyes, emotion and laughter—these are the things that make me tick!


I have fond memories (from when I was under 4 feet tall) of sitting in the back seat of the family car, constantly rubbernecking and freezing artful images in my mind, although I was saddened thinking that these were photographs that..."should have been". Now, being somewhat taller and in the driver's seat, I get to stop and seize these moments, for myself and others alike.


If I were to try to convey to you what I think makes my work stand out, it would be this... I feel I have a true talent for capturing the essence—showing people in their own "best light", and with the emotion of the moment. I have honed a sensitivity for photographing from angles that flatter, bringing out each unique person's best features and minimizing the least "cherished" parts (...not that anyone has any of those, of course! ;-).


I feel that my "family of friends" grows with each new client, as I truly appreciate being invited to share in this very personal part of their life. Exceeding expectations is my goal with every shoot. For me, the greatest satisfaction is in knowing I've accomplished that mission...only to be exceeded by the feeling I get when people are brought to tears when they first view the memories we've created together! It is in moments like these when I feel that I've won the self-fulfillment lottery...and am reminded how truly lucky I am!


I look forward to being invited into your world sometime celebrate your life in photographs!

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